Psychometric Assessments can be used either to complement a leadership development process or in recruitment and selection. They provide a valid and reliable framework for an individual to understand their personality preferences and the behaviours that typically flow from this.

In our experience, when an individual starts to have a more accurate understanding of their own personality, behaviour and likely competency profile, it opens them up to a number of benefits.

Benefits to assessing:
  • Actively participating in personal development opportunities
  • Receiving feedback from colleagues more positively
  • Being increasingly aware of and respecting the diverse perspectives and skills of their colleagues
  • Fully exploiting the benefits of their strengths 
The above changes usually lead to significant benefits in the areas of people management, team working, employee engagement and interpersonal relationships; all of which are key drivers of organisational success.

Some of the more sophisticated tools are able to provide a measure against management and leadership competencies. We are able to administer, score, interpret and feedback the results of these assessments. 

We administer a wide range of approved personality assessments. Our current clients regularly use the following:​
  • SHL OPQ32: Targets competencies and provides information on 32 personality characteristics.  These are grouped into 3 areas: Relationship with people, thinking styles, feelings and emotions.
  • Saville Wave: Identifies 36 personality dimensions, including unfulfilled motives and talents.
  • Belbin Team Roles: Identifies prospective team roles based on natural behavioural tendencies, while allowing for both self-reporting and other’s observations.
  • Hogan Personality Inventory: Describes social interaction and ability to get along with others to achieve occupational goals.​
  • MBTI: Describes personality preferences regarding how individuals’ are energised, gather information, make decisions and organise their lifestyle.
  • 16PF: Measures 16 personality factors, including: warmth, reasoning, emotional stability, dominance, openness to change, and self-reliance.