This Month’s Promotion

MDN Fusion's Difficult Conversation™.

“One difficult conversation is better than a bunch of conversations that avoid the truth.” 


One of the most challenging things to do as a leader is to have a tough conversation that also wins the person over to you. Whether it is on the issue of performance, behaviour, values and so on, having a difficult conversation is, as the name suggests…. difficult! . But they also provide great opportunities to turn things around really effectively - if done well. 


MDN Fusion is pleased to announce a powerful and implementable one-day workshop that gives you the mindset, tools and practice to be able to have really effective difficult conversations - and turn them into learning conversations. The 6 practical modules include looking at developing psychological safety, understanding perceptions, and a really memorable framework for when you may need to have a difficult conversation.   


To find out what is covered in this important module download the brochure. Learning how to have effective difficult conversations is a must-have skills for any manager looking to grow themselves and their teams to success. 


Take a few moment to read through the brochure and see the breadth and depth of content that we cover. The benefits can be significant.

Contact Wati Longkumer, Executive Director MDN Fusion India on +91 97118 79812 or Emai for more information