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MDN Fusion's A practical Introduction to Mindfulness ™.

Mindfulness - is it just hype or truly helpful?

The research is clear: in the midst of our crazy and busy life: mindfulness can have a significant impact on helping - manage stress - improve memory - better performance - ability to focus - being more compassionate


However, the challenge for organisations is how to make mindfulness practical in the workplace 


MDN Fusion is pleased to offer a one-day workshop on Mindfulness for Managers. The focus is on developing an understanding of what Mindfulness is and what it isn’t. But then providing some really simple and practical tools that managers can implement in the workplace on a daily basis.


To find out more, have a quick scan through the attached pdf.


I know your leaders will benefit significantly from being able to learn how mindfulness can be implemented in their day-to-day activities.


Contact Wati Longkumer, Executive Director MDN Fusion India on +91 97118 79812 or Email for more information