This Month’s Promotion

The Missing Mindset is MDN Fusion’s newest programme, and has already helped many senior executives to make the jump from being ‘Solution Providers’ to ‘Trusted Advisors’ . When it comes to executive presence, we tend to think that if we can teach people enough body language tactics, they’ll be able to fool the C-level executive. You can’t. Any interaction longer than four minutes reveals micro-expressions that expose how we really feel. Or we think if we managed to pitch our solution, we’ve succeeded. We haven’t. We have only commodified ourselves, at the cost of the long-term relationship. Or if we have taught our people influencing skills, they too will be influential. They won’t. All long-term influence is a product of trust. Trust is the product of a service mindset, expressed in authentic authority, relational warmth, and presence. This workshop focuses on practical ways to develop executive presence, including

  • How to not be intimidated by a CXO
  • How to listen empathetically
  • How to increase your authority
  • How to harness the power of presence

Drawing on a wide synthesis of research from the fields of NLP, cognitive neuroscience, and influencing skills, this one day programme will challenge participants, enabling them to experience significant mindset shifts.

If your organisation books this programme to take place in March we will offer a 20% discount on the standard facilitation fees on the first programme.

Contact Wati Longkumer on +91 97118 79812 or Email:wati@mdnfusion.infor more information