Retreat Facilitation

Our retreat facilitation service has added significant value to many teams in a wide variety of organisations. Prior to the retreat we work with key stakeholders within the team to understand their specific objectives, and design a bespoke agenda that meets these.  Our clients’ objectives generally fall into two main categories, Team Building or Vision, Mission and/or Strategy Development.

Team Building

Our conviction, gained through research and experience, is that there are three main qualities that enable teams to excel:

MDN Fusion Team leadership

Consequently, these themes flow through every team building retreat we facilitate, to a greater or lesser degree, depending on the specific needs of the team we are working with.

Vision, Mission and/or Strategy Development

All our vision, mission and/or strategy development retreats are based on the understanding that our vision is the big goal that we desire to achieve, mission is our role in achieving our vision, the situation is our current reality and our strategy is the roadmap to move from our situation to our vision.

MDN Fusion vision

Within this macro level model, each retreat will have a different focus, depending on the type of organisation, the nature of the team and where the team is in the strategic development process. 

Our retreats are interactive with a wide variety of facilitation methodologies employed. However, the thing that makes them truly different is the fact that our clients testify that they have a significant, measurable, long term impact. The evidence of this is that we are often invited to facilitate follow up retreats and meetings for teams that are moving towards the objectives agreed at the original retreat.


"Successfully completing our retreat was by no means an easy task given the disparate group we are and the various changes we had to make. I have had positive feedback and appreciation for the event from many unexpected quarters. Thank you!”

"Working with you was a terrific experience, so thanks a million, and we hope to organise something similar next year."

"You are an excellent facilitator. I have attended many trainings and retreats, but you were simply amazing. All the sessions, with the built in activities were superb!"