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Akshay Rajkumar

Akshay Rajkumar | Facilitator

Author, publisher and public speaker, passionate about equipping leaders to be successful.



  • Retreat Facilitation

Akshay is an author, publisher and public speaker. He is keen on discovering, communicating and living out ideas that challenge, equip and empower leaders to be successful. He is the founder of a new church for urban professionals, called Redeemer. As a creative, Akshay senses that educational systems are geared towards dispensing information rather than preparing people for the challenge of leadership and living. He is passionate about the missing element of equipping leaders with creative ways to find their voice so they can excel at what they do.

Akshay has studied literature in Delhi and theology in Singapore. He loves writing. His first book, The Whistler in the Wind, is a family memoir and a true story of faith and doubt. He is presently working on a collection of short stories, set in Delhi. He has a keen interest in technology, social media and the internet. Akshay reads widely and plays squash and tennis regularly. He lives in Delhi with his wife, Shruti and their five rabbits.